Belgian listed company investing in healthcare real estate

Executive Managers



The Board of Directors decided to set up a Management Committee as defined by Article 512bis of the Belgian Companies Code, effective 12 May 2015. The Direction Committee consists of the following persons, who are all Executive Managers in accordance with the Belgian Act of 12 May 2014 on Regulated Real Estate Companies:

Name Function
Stefaan Gielens                                       Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Jean Kotarakos Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Laurence Gacoin Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Sarah Everaert Chief Legal Officer (CLO) / Secretary-General


Mr. Stefaan Gielens and Mr. Jean Kotarakos were already Executive Managers of the Company before the establishment of the Management Committee.

Ms. Laurence Gacoin has performed the duties of Chief Operating Officer within the Company since 1 January 2015 and is a member of the Management Committee since 12 May 2015. Her office is of indefinite duration.

Ms. Sarah Everaert performs the duties of Chief Legal Officer/Secretary-General since 12 May 2015 and is member of the Management Committee. She is also the Company’s Compliance Officer. Previously, she performed the duties of Legal Counsel within Aedifica for more than 5 years. Her office is of indefinite duration.

The division of tasks between the Management Committee and the Board of Directors, along with other aspects of the Management Committee’s functioning is available in the Company’s Corporate Governance Charter (version of 2 September 2016).