Belgian listed company investing in residential real estate

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With an investment portfolio of more than €700 million and a total surface area of approximately 361,000 m², Aedifica aims to position itself as the market leader among listed Belgian residential real estate companies.

Aedifica differentiates itself through its strategy of creating a balanced portfolio of primarily residential buildings that generate stable and recurring revenues and offer strong potential for capital gains.


Aedifica's strategy is based on two demographic trends:

1- Population ageing Western Europe

2- Population growth in Belgium's main cities

The effects of these demographic evolutions on overall housing needs and in particular on the specific housing needs of an ageing population, shape the key themes of the Aedifica investment strategy.

Aedifica is quoted on NYSE Euronext Brussels (continuous market) since 2006.

As a Belgian REIT (real estate investment company), Aedifica offers the investor an alternative to direct investment in residential real estate.