Belgian listed company investing in healthcare real estate

Senior housing


The ageing of the baby-boom generation is progressing at a rapid pace in Belgium as well as in Europe, and will reach a peak by 2060. Professionalisation and consolidation in the senior housing market is evident at a European level. Aedifica participates actively as a real estate investor in Belgium as well as in Germany and The Netherlands. Aedifica puts its buildings at the disposal of professional and specialised operators under long-term contracts that generate high net rental yields.

“The numerous acquisitions carried out during the 2015/2016 financial year demonstrate Aedifica’s dynamism. The Company’s growth rate has yet again increased within its main strategic segment, senior housing, which comprises 80 sites on 30 June 2016. In addition, Aedifica further diversified thanks to its presence on the Dutch market since 1 March 2016.”
Stefaan Gielens, CEO


Among the buildings of Aedifica, here are some examples:

Leopoldspark (Leopoldsburg, Belgium)

Leopoldspark is located in the centre of Leopoldsburg, next to the train station, in the Belgian Province of Limburg.

Benvenuta (Hilversum, The Netherlands)

Benvenuta is a protected building situated in a residential area in the vicinity of the centre of Hilversum, in the Province of North Holland.

Käthe-Bernhardt-Haus (Husum, Germany)

Käthe-Bernhardt-Haus is located in the centre of Husum next to the Klinik Husum Hospital, in Schleswig-Holstein.


As from 1 January 2015, Aedifica holds a German subsidiary: Aedifica Asset Management GmbH. This subsidiary advises and supports Aedifica in the growth and management of its real estate portfolio in Germany.

As from early 2016, Aedifica has a Dutch subsidiary (Aedifica Nederland BV) who holds its real estate portfolio on its balance sheet.