Belgian listed company investing in healthcare real estate

Furnished apartment buildings


Aedifica invests in apartment buildings situated in lively districts that are centrally located and easily accessible within the Belgian major cities. The buildings are primarily residential but, given their urban locations which commonly feature mixed-use buildings, may also include office or retail space.

Aedifica is primarily interested in new or fully renovated buildings that are large to generate good returns and which offer strong potential for capital gains. Aedifica also acts upstream by investing in development projects that meet these criteria.

The apartments are often furnished by the occupants under traditional rental contracts, while apartments furnished by Aedifica tend to be let under short-term rental contracts that generate higher gross rental yields. The funirshed apartments ("business-flats") respond to the specific housing needs of the expatriate community in Brussels, which arise given the presence of the European Institutions, NATO, and the headquarters of many international businesses.

The Company’s 865 apartments are primarily located in Brussels and Antwerp.

Among the buildings of Aedifica, here are some examples of apartment buildings rented out as furnished:

Flower district

Aedifica owns and operates two buildings which contain 62 furnished apartments ideally located in close proximity to NATO, the Diegem Business Park, and Brussels National airport.

Louise / Châtelain district

Aedifica owns 210 furnished apartments, ideally located in the Louise and place du Châtelain districts of Brussels. In addition to the Livourne buildings shown on the right, the Company also owns a complex on the rue Souveraine, and buildings named Louise 130 and 135, Louise 270 and Vallée 48.

Leopold district

In October 2011, Aedifica acquired the "Résidence Chamaris" situated at the heart of the Leopold Quarter, the premier business district in Brussels in which many major European Union institutions are concentrated. This 23-unit building was originally an office building in the 1960s and was converted and renovated in 2009/2010.