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In prior years, Aedifica acquired 6 hotels in Belgium, which are operated by two professional and specialised operators under long-term contracts.

Aedifica considers its hotels to be non-strategic assets for which it has started a divestment programme.

On 4 April 2019, Aedifica accepted a binding offer regarding the sale of its hotel portfolio. This transaction is expected to be completed before the 2018/2019 financial year end. Learn more about this deal in the related press release.

Some examples of Aedifica's hotels:


The Eburon Hotel is originally the site of an ancient convent. The building has been fully renovated and transformed into a 4-star hotel. It was featured as the set of the TV series “Dag en Nacht” which aired on the Belgian TV channel VTM in 2010, as well as the TV game show “Mijn Restaurant! 2011” which aired on the same channel.

Martin’s Klooster

Located in Leuven’s historical centre, the Martin’s Klooster constitutes a unique 4-star hotel following a renovation in 2012, containing 103 rooms.


The Carbon hotel is a 4-star design hotel located in the centre of Genk, which won the European prize for best interior restaurant design in 2008. It was nominated as one of the 50 best new hotels in the world by the magazine Forbes Traveler.